Piazza della Vittoria, 6/9 - 16121 Genoa, Italy
Design and implementation of sustainable paths for
business development and internationalization

Company Profile

Overpartners is a company made up of professional and managers dedicated to the development and implementation of sustainable business development and internationalization.

The company was born from an idea of the President and CEO Franco Aprile at the end of his experience at the helm of Liguria International, the Company of the Liguria Region and the Chambers of Commerce for Internationalization, for more than ten years.
Overpartners is a streamlined, flexible structure at the service of companies, able to support them in the development processes in Italy and abroad and offer concrete support for the development of processes for business growth abroad by defining the best strategy for product and target markets.

Thanks to Overpartners' years of experience in the field, you can count on a network of both institutional and business relationships both in Italy and abroad. A group of affirmed professionals specialized in international law and administrative and financial management, completes the multiple disciplines necessary in building a complete business strategy.

Overpartners was founded in 2008 by a group of professionals and business people specialized in the financial and tax management of businesses. With the addition of our current shareholder, the company took a new path dedicated entirely to international activity.

The company’s new view integrated its strategic consultancy, administrative, and financial activities to offer complete support to activities for the internationalization of businesses.

Overpartners is Temporary Export Manager accredited at the Ministry of Economic Development with directorial decree 20 December 2017 - Identification Code: TEM_00000154.