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Strategic Consulting and Internationalization

Business internationalization is essentially a cultural process, it is the ability of the business structure to adapt its strategic objectives to take advantage of the opportunities presented by foreign markets.

Overpartners offers concrete support to businesses intending to turn to the international markets in defining their international business strategies, in the study of their target market and in the development of international relations with businesses, institutions and buyers in foreign markets.

Overpartners supports the processes of business development on international markets by carrying out market research, defining target countries, providing support for business restructuring for the end market, finding partners, organizing business to business meetings, creating joint ventures with international partners and searching to find the best areas for outsourcing.

Thanks to the experience gained in the field by our professionals, we are the ideal partner for the development of business strategies for foreign markets.

The company operates in three main areas:

Central Europe

Prague, Czech Republic

Overpartners has a representative office at Czech Republic Desk of Mazars, a worldwide player in the area of audits, tax consultation, accounting and valuation, and can rely on a cooperation agreement signed with the Czech Chamber of Commerce in Prague. From Parague Overpartners follows the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Baltic Countries

Vilnius, Lithuania

Overpartners has an operating line of action in the Baltic States and has a collaboration agreement with the Italian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Vilnius, Lithuania. From Vilnius Overpartners follows the markets of the Baltic Countries.


Teheran, Iran

Overpartners has an operational headquarters in Tehran in partnership with an important Italian group.